Backdating HB Claim

Backdating HB Claim

Regulation 83(12) Housing Benefit Regulations 2006: Backdating A claim made on or after 6 October 2008 can only be backdated for up to six months, rather than the 52 weeks that was possible before that date. Note that the DWP has said, in the explanatory memorandum to...

Rental Periods for Student Tenancy Agreement

When letting to a student, often a landlord wishes to make the rent payable at the same times as the student loans are paid. We have therefore produced a replacement front page for our tenancy agreements allowing a landlord to allocate the rent in three payments....

Boiler Scrappage Scheme

This scheme is no longer available Energy Saving Trust Information via Energy Saving Trust on the Boiler Scrappage Scheme is available here   Who is eligible for the scheme? In order to be eligible for the £400.00 voucher, a landlord or tenant must be replacing a...
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