Water Charges

The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 makes significant changes to who is liable to pay water bills. In particular it will affect property owners. What’s changing? The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 adds a new section 144C to the Water Industry Act 1991...
Definition of “Application”?

Definition of “Application”?

In the case I am currently dealing with, the agent received the deposit on 1 August 2008 and protected it on 1 April 2010. The agent received the part 8 claim issued by the tenant claiming 3 x compensation and repayment of the deposit from the court on 8 April 2010...

Break Clause

What is a break clause? Sometimes a fixed term tenancy agreement can contain a clause which brings the fixed term to an end early. For example, you might have a one year fixed term with a break clause that states the fixed term may be brought to an end by notice after...

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