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You will notice the next time you go to the home page of our website that it looks fresh and new. Mostly this is because new visitors tend to see the home page first and so the idea is that they will be able to see what we offer much easier than before. In addition,...

Betty TV Are Looking For Young Letting Agents

Betty TV are looking for young letting agents for a new prime time doc series for BBC3. They’re developing a documentary series on Britain’s youngest letting agents. The series aims to follow these young entrepreneurs as they go about their daily business and...

DCLG Publishes Consultation on Housing Standards

Housing standards review consultation – Consultations – GOV.UK This consultation seeks views on the results of the recent review of building regulations and housing standards. The DCLG has published a consultation regarding housing standards which can be...

Break clause

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Enforcing HMO Regulations

Enforcing HMOs Properly Local authorities must follow their own enforcement policies and cannot depart from them without good reason. Usually this will require the written approval of a senior manager as well. Where they do not do so then it is possible to stop...
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