Under the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 it will be a requirement for landlords to be registered where they rent a property in Wales. It will also be a requirement that all landlords who manage their own property (collect rents, arrange repairs and such) will require a licence to do so. Licensing applies to all letting and managing agents who let or manage in property in Wales.

For more information about registration and licensing, you can see our article here.

Most of the provisions are not yet in force but it is expected to start from October 2015.

Under section 3(1)(a) of the Act, Welsh Ministers must designate either a single authority or multiple authorities to manage the registration and licensing. After a consultation as to whether there should be one or multiple authorities, The Regulation of Private Rented Housing (Designation of Licensing Authority) (Wales) Order 2015 makes Cardiff Council the designated licensing authority for the whole of Wales.

This will allow Cardiff Council to start to make arrangements for the new regime within Wales.