Judge Warns Landlords To Beware Of Sub-Letting Scams

Judge Warns Landlords To Beware Of Sub-Letting Scams

A judge has warned sub-letting scams by crooks impersonating their landlords to trick unwary tenants out of deposits and rents are​ on the increase. Jailing Heidi Korn for eight months after she was found guilty of fraud at Inner London Crown Court, Judge William Wood...

Subletting & assignment

Hi Adrian I am just looking at you new ammended AST’S and have noticed the changed to the clause under Subletting & assignment. I think I maybe missing something but could you explain the relevance of the 9 months mentioned and why it needs to be in the...


We have a single Tenant on an AST and have agreed that she may sub-let. Are there any precautions we should take or documentation we need to complete to prevent any potential problems with the Tenants to whom she sub-lets? Thanks, David

Consent Charges on Long Leases and LVT Jurisdiction

As we have discussed previously, in most long leases (leases for 21 years or longer) a freeholder is entitled to require a leaseholder tenant to obtain consent from the landlord before sub-letting and to require the leaseholder to pay costs in relation to that...
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