Under the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003, the police or a local authority may issue a closure notice and then apply for a closure order.

A closure notice may be given verbally and prohibits all persons except the person who lives at the property and the owner from entering the property.

After the issue of a closure notice, an application may be made to the magistrates court for a closure order. The hearing must be held within 48 hours.
If an order is granted, it may prohibit “all” persons (including the owner) from entering the property for up to 3 months!

It is possible for the owner to claim compensation if they have suffered a financial loss as a result of the closure order. [11J](see below)

11A Part 1A closure notice

(1) This section applies to premises if a police officer not below the rank of superintendent (“the authorising officer”) or the local authority has reasonable grounds for believing—

(a) that at any time during the relevant period a person has engaged in anti-social behaviour on the premises, and

(b) that the use of the ... Please login or signup to continue reading this content

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