We are pleased to announce the launch of three brand new rent and deposit guarantee products for members of the Guild of Residential Landlords or accredited landlords through Private Rented Sector Accreditation Scheme:

Premium rent guarantee insurance

Our landlords premium rent guarantee insurance is provided with many extra benefits to some other rent guarantee offerings available.

With this product, there is no excess and rents up to £100,000 per annum are covered including legal expenses of up to £50,000. In addition, 75% of the monthly rent will be paid for up to 2 months after possession has been obtained.

In our view this really is a premium rent guarantee product.

Deposit replacement insurance

Are you tired of the problems with deposit legislation? Find the prescribed information requirements too complex? Find protecting deposits could be easier?

With this deposit replacement product, there is no need for you to take a deposit. Damage (dilapidations) is covered for up to 6 weeks rental value and it even covers the landlord if the tenant vacates without paying the last months rent (or a proportion).

This product could make your properties more attractive to tenants who wouldn’t need to find the deposit amount normally needed.

Rent in advance

Get your next 6 months rent in one lump sum! With this rent in advance product, you will receive the first six months rent paid to you in advance (less cost of premium) and then after six months, the next six months is paid to you.

For example: If your property is rented for £750 per month the product will pay you £7,875 in advance – £3,375 now and £4,500 after 6 months.

With this product you don’t need to worry about collecting the rent from the tenant as the whole amount is paid to you and the provider collects the rent from the tenants directly.

What’s more, there is legal expenses, 24 / 7 emergency cover and boiler breakdown cover included for free!

As a special offer, Guild members get £100.00 cash back with this product.

Credit checks

All the above products require credit checks on the prospective tenants (or guarantor if one requested). As a special introductory offer for a limited time, these credit checks are free of charge when completed in connection with one of those products. After the introductory offer, a charge will be made for checks in addition to the premiums.

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