Request for Direct Payment Two Months Arrears Universal Credit

This form is based on a form provided by DWP (but rather unusually theirs is in a complex .xslm format). We have taken the form and reproduced it into PDF format which should be readable by all members and we have made it so it can be completed on screen before printing. The form must be posted to the special address provided (details on the form).



Product code: F089

Under Universal Credit guidance it is allowed for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to make direct payment of the housing element of Universal Credit in certain situations. The guidance states that where a tenant is one month or more in arrears they will consider paying directly after offering budgeting support to the tenant. If however the tenant becomes 2 months or more in arrears, the DWP shall make direct payment to the landlord.

The below information is taken from the Universal Credit personal budgeting support and alternative payment arrangements guidance.

This form is only suitable for Universal Credit claims. If the tenant is receiving housing benefit or local housing allowance, you should use F037 (see at the bottom).

Who can request a Managed Payment of the Universal Credit housing element to the landlord?

The claimant, their representative or the landlord can make this request. If the claimant is making the request, this can either be:

  • during the Work Search Interview with their Jobcentre Plus work coach, or
  • by phoning Universal Credit on 0345 600 0723

If the landlord is making the request, this can either be:

  • by phoning Universal Credit on 0345 600 0723 and requesting a rent arrears form, or
  • by email, there are two forms available to landlords. Landlords reading this should be using the non-secure form if using email as the other form is for other government departments to use with a secure email address.

Landlords who do not have a secure email address:

Landlords who do not have access to a secure email must use the ‘UC47 nonsecure’ form. This is to minimise the risk of sensitive claimant information Personal Budgeting Support and Alternative Payment Arrangements being intercepted and misused.

Upon receipt of the ‘UC47 non-secure’ form, the Service Centre will call the landlord to verify the information and obtain the relevant payment details.

The ‘UC47 non-secure’ form is now also available on GOV.UK at the following address: []

Applications from both secure and non-secure email addresses should be submitted to the following email address:

Please do not send anything other than UC47 forms to this email address

  • by Post by accessing and downloading the Rent Arrears form via GOV.UK – Universal Credit: Rent Arrears Form Once completed, the Rent Arrears form should be returned to: FREEPOST DWP UNIVERSAL CREDIT LIVE SERVICE

Please note: the ‘UC47 e-secure’ form should be used for all postal applications.

When can a Managed Payment to a landlord be requested?

A Managed Payment to a landlord can be made when:

  • a claimant is in arrears with their rent for an amount equal to, or more than, two months of their rent. A third party deduction to recover the rent arrears can also be requested at this point, or
  • a claimant has continually underpaid their rent over a period of time, and they have accrued arrears of an amount equal to or more than one month’s rent. In the first instance Personal Budgeting Support will be considered, using the standard PBS referral process. A Managed Payment of the housing costs element to the landlord will be considered for those claimants who have longer term problems paying their rent. Personal Budgeting Support and Alternative Payment Arrangements

What additional evidence is required to support the Managed Payment of the housing element application?

The claimant, their representative or landlord will be asked to provide additional information to support the request for the Managed Payment, and will include the following:

  • Proof of rent arrears, which must show the current balance on the rent account, including the amount of rent outstanding and the amount of rent due for each payment period. A rent book, rent statement or letter from the landlord to the claimant on letterheaded paper are all acceptable as proof of rent arrears.
  • A full breakdown of how the rent arrears have been calculated eg the period over which the arrears have accrued.
  • The landlord’s contact details – their name and address plus their bank/building society account number and sort code for the payment.

Once the Universal Credit Agent receives this information they will decide whether or not a Managed Payment is appropriate and inform both the landlord and claimant. The Managed Payment to the landlord will be reviewed at a stage deemed appropriate by Universal Credit Agent, with a view to the tenant returning to the single monthly payment, having received additional Personal Budgeting Support where appropriate.

Important note about sending evidence

This additional information should be sent by post even where the form is sent by email (so ideally the form and evidence should be sent by post). This is because DWP are experiencing problems with opening files that are sent from a scan of the evidence as an attachment to the email. If you are scanning, it must be in PDF format and a relatively small file for them to be able to open it. The DWP are rejecting all applications where they cannot open the evidence when sent by email.


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