Guild Subscribers and Accreditation

Already accredited?

If your already accredited with some other scheme such as London Landlord Accreditation Scheme or other approved scheme, you can passport into our scheme for free (link is for landlords – agents use this link). After the simple application form is completed, when you come to renew or join, a new accredited discount option will appear.

Please note: Landlord Accreditation Wales has ceased to exist from 23 November 2015 and so it is no longer possible to passport from that scheme.


Not yet accredited?

If your not accredited yet but wish to join our accreditation, you can complete the online course for the discounted rate of £10.00 (normally for non Guild members £60.00). Once you’ve joined up and even if the course hasn’t been completed you will be entitled to the discounted renewal rate to the Guild of £82.00 (normally £90.00). Whilst accredited, a discounted renewal rate to the Guild will always apply.


Useful links

Learn more about accreditation

Private Rented Sector Accreditation Scheme home page

Guild landlords join accreditation

Guild agents join accreditation

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