Judge Warns Landlords To Beware Of Sub-Letting Scams

Judge Warns Landlords To Beware Of Sub-Letting Scams

A judge has warned sub-letting scams by crooks impersonating their landlords to trick unwary tenants out of deposits and rents are​ on the increase. Jailing Heidi Korn for eight months after she was found guilty of fraud at Inner London Crown Court, Judge William Wood...

Subletting (Assured Shorthold Tenancy)

Termination of head tenancy: effect on assured [shorthold] tenancy The common law provides that where a tenancy is determined all sub-tenancies automatically come to an end unless the superior tenancy has been determined by surrender. S.18 Housing Act 1988 nullifies...

Assignment by Tenant and Withhold Consent

Introduction A sub-letting of the whole term operates as an assignment. An assignment is different to a sub-letting because the estate in land is transferred from the first tenant to the new tenant. However, an assignment by a tenant is ineffective to pass the...

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