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Important! Please be aware this is a brand new system for creating tenancy agreements. Please check, double check, then triple check the output of all documents and ensure everything is completed correctly. If you find any problems, please let us know here.

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Blank agreement

Create a blank form (click to reveal)

Creating a blank agreement is easy with this builder!

We have produced a video on the country selection page – or see the instructions below.

None of the fields are mandatory which means you can leave everything blank and simply press create PDF at the bottom to download a blank agreement to fill in later if you prefer. When doing this, you will have to select a couple of options such as which deposit scheme you use and check the utility, mortgage situation and attached document sections are correct. The default settings are for our regular downloadable agreement though so normally there won’t be much to change.

If you want the ability to complete the produced agreement in your favourite PDF editor (such as Adobe Reader), you could choose “no” to the flatten option at the bottom of the form. This will retain the fields within the PDF form for you to complete later. If you’re using a Windows machine without additional software, any fields completed by the builder (such as utility, mortgage, documents etc.) may not be retained when saving the form though.

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