Giles Insurance Brokers advises of 65 Flood Warnings For UK As Heavy Rains Continue

Flood UK

England and Wales are the heaviest hit, with 59 flood warnings issued today. Scotland have received six warnings, mostly near the border areas. Northern Ireland have no flood warning system in place and have been told to expect persistent rain and gales.

This highlights once more the need for businesses and homeowners to have adequate protection in place for adverse weather conditions. Loss Control Manager Steve Wardle explains “over the years Giles have had many flood claims for hundreds of thousands of pounds. often involving a complex business interruption element. This is where having GBA becomes invaluable for our commercial clients.


Steve offers some useful advice on how to protect your home or premises from incidents of flooding:

Flood risk management

  • Reducing the amount of water that enters your premises will reduce the amount of damage. Can apertures be sealed up or protected by sand bags?
  • Ensure any drainage systems are free of debris so drainage of flood water is as efficient as possible
  • Immediately isolate the electrical supply (people do get electrocuted when wading through water)
  • If possible, move items to higher levels or upper floors. If you occupy a single story building ensure stock and other contents are on racking and as high as possible
  • Leave the property if your health is likely to be affected by staying in damp and / or dangerous conditions
  • Advise friends and neighbours where you will be and how you can be contacted
  • If you have a pet or pets, ensure they are catered for.

After the event

  • Do not turn appliances on until an electrician has checked the system and the appliances
  • Be wary of slippery surfaces, or weakened building components that might collapse
  • Debris and remaining water might be polluted – wash hands, disinfect and be hygiene conscious.

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