I just wanted to write a quick post to sincerely thank all our members. Recently we asked for your help in trying to find a bug in some new software which manages the subscriptions and controls you logging in to this site and all payments and renewals etc.

To recap, the software was randomly sending emails saying subscriptions had expired when in fact payment had been made. The main problem was that only a small few got these emails and it was almost impossible to figure out why only these few got the emails and others didn’t. That’s when we asked for your help.

The response was amazing. We had people giving us full details of all emails received, some confirming none had been received and then some just emailing to wish us luck in finding the bug! I was genuinely taken back by the massive response to our call for help.

As a direct result of the detailed information you provided and going through what must be a couple of million lines of code, it would seem the bug has been found and squashed. We were able to focus on a handful of people who at the time were currently going through actually receiving emails when they shouldn’t have been and they have now stopped so it looks very promising.

I did just want to clarify the bug was not a hacker of any sort, it was just brand new software and we presented a situation to the supplier that other customers of the software hadn’t experienced (typical us!)

Once again, a genuine sincere thank you. We couldn’t have found the problem without your help.

Adrian and Rachel