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Enable Gocardless Direct Debit

Enabling Gocardless direct debit is very easy. Tenancy Manager can automate the entire process of authorising a tenant to use direct debit and then all rents received are automatically entered into Tenancy Manager. There’s no holding account, you have your own Gocardless account and you simply “authorise” us to make requests on your behalf. All payments received are paid directly into your own bank account a few days after payment is made by a tenant.

Briefly, the following will occur:

  1. sign up to Gocardless (if not already)
  2. enable direct debit integration in Tenancy Manager settings
  3. click the authorise button
  4. authorise via Gocardless which will redirect to our portal
  5. click the final authorise button.


Using Gocardless with Tenancy Manager costs a maximum of £2.25 per transaction. Please see here for the pricing options of Gocardless.

In addition to Gocardless fees, we charge an “app fee” of 25p per transaction.

Step 1 – Sign up for a Gocardless account (free)

If you’re not already a customer, signup for a free Gocardless account, their transaction pricing is available here.

Step 2 – Enable Direct Debit

From the summary tab in Tenancy Manager, click on “view” under update settings for the branch.

Next either select “edit” from the top or select the pen icon when hovering at the end of the enable Gocardless field.

Tick the box where it says “enable Gocardless” and click save at the top or bottom.

A button appears which should be clicked.

Log in to your account using the details you set up earlier. You will be asked to authorise and allow us access to your account. You can also sign up for an account at this stage if not done so already.

Once completed, you will be redirected to our portal and to complete setup, click the confirm button.

Now, if you refresh the settings page, you should see that your Gocardless account has been authorised to be used by Tenancy Manager.

From now on, any tenant that is set up for direct debit via Tenancy Manager, we will automatically request payments for the rent due date and enter them automatically in the system.

Please be aware, confirmation can take a couple of days after the rent due date because Gocardless waits before confirming to ensure the payment isn’t rejected for some reason.