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How to Use the Ask a Question Service

We have a new ask a question service which should make finding previous questions and answers much easier.

For either asking a question or viewing previous entries, go to the ask it part of the website.

Then select either the country for where the property is located or, if it’s a subscription, admin, tech support or website issue, select the admin option.

Ask a question options

After selection, depending on which one chosen, you will be presented with a number of subcategories and you should choose the most appropriate one.

List of subcategories

After selection, you can view previous questions or ask a new one.

Ask a question

At the moment, it may look a little empty of questions! We are working on moving questions asked from the previous system but this must be done manually one by one so will take a little time!

Sometimes it may be tricky to know which subcategory to choose. For example, if the question relates to a tenant refusing access to do a gas safety record, that could be asked under either Responsibilities and Liabilities -> Gas Safety or, During a Tenancy -> Entry and Refusal (with this example, we would suggest entry and refusal). However, don’t worry, just ask in whichever you think is the closest and we can always move the question to a different subcategory if we feel it’s necessary.

The whole design is to marry up with the new landlord handbook knowledge bases we have added to the site (here for England and here for Wales). Soon, the knowledge bases will have a link back to questions in every subcategory so you can move back and forth smoothly.

Each subcategory has a link back to the handbook/knowledge base which you can make use of perhaps for checking if the answer to your question is there before asking.

Link back to landlord handbook

We hope you enjoy this new system and as always, please provide any feedback you think may improve the system. It’s in the very early stages of testing at the moment.