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Understanding the Icons in the Knowledge Base

Understanding the icons next to titles in the knowledge base allows you to quickly understand where the link will take you at a glance.

We’ll use the “Written Tenancy Agreements” sub-category in the “Start of a Tenancy” main category:

Written tenancy agreement

The most common icon you will see is a page with writing:

Paper icon

This icon indicates it’s content is taken from the landlord handbook which we produce in partnership with Training for Proffessionals.

The next most common icon is a chain link:

Link icon

This ‘link’ icon indicates it’s a link to one of our existing articles on the website. When clicking, you will be directed away from the knowledge base to the article. Use your ‘back’ button on your browser to return.

The next icons indicate documents or forms. For example it may be a PDF icon or Word:

PDF icon

Although clicking the link may not always directly download a form, it will take you to a page where the description can be downloaded. We’ve done our best to match the final download with the icon (e.g. if a pdf is the final form, we use a pdf icon). For example, the ‘download tenancy agreement’ takes you to the Tenancy Builder where an agreement can be produced and downloaded in pdf format.