Change Log for Tenancy Builder

Updates to the Tenancy Builder

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2 April 2021

Added new option in documents to add consent to speak with Universal Credit or Housing Benefit. See this help page for more details.

29 March 2021

Added new functionality of background save. If you loose connection whilst building an agreement and return to add a new tenancy, you will be presented with an option to restore. On clicking restore, all fields will be populated where left off and last background saved.

Added new option for adding an EPC in documents. Now, a certificate number can be entered and we will retrieve the EPC from the government website, convert it to PDF and add it to the agreement. See this help page for full details.

14 January 2021

Launched brand new Tenancy Builder 3.0.

Built from the ground up with the following new features:

  • much faster
  • unlimited profiles (similar to default settings)
  • remote signing directly integrated including digital signing “in-person”
  • more agreements added (garage and non-domestic room for personal use)
  • live update of progress whilst agreement is being built
  • many other small improvements

Introductory video available here.

10 December 2020

Updated with latest How to Rent guide.

06 November 2020

Fixed events not displaying in remote signing and fixed blank fields when first preparing a new remote signing record. See here for full details of recent fixes to the built in remote signing.

30 October 2020

Fixed an issue where an edited agreement would show “Processing …” in the remote signing section.

Also fixed an issue where on accession, the signature box would be out of position.

29 October 2020

Added integrated remote signing to the Builder. You no longer Signable and with just a few clicks, you can send your built agreement for remote signature right in Tenancy Builder. See here for the remote signing details.

17 June 2020

All gas records must now be uploaded in PDF format only. Allowing photographs and other formats was making the system unstable.

16 June 2020

Added ability to upload an electrical inspection report. The upload must be in PDF format.

Changed the EPC upload to be only PDF format.

Made some major changes to the backend which should allow for greater error monitoring and reporting.

28 April 2020

Added question about company type for signers with warnings if limited company.

Added to default settings the company type question.

20 April 2020

Added a new option in the default settings to add a default tenancy address. Useful if you have multiple units in a property so can add main part of address then just amend the room/apartment number when creating a new tenancy.

Fixed quick blank agreement not working properly (now working).

Changed the wording to the clause about recovering costs after breach of tenancy or issuing possession proceedings.

2 April 2020

Added a new option just before the submit button where you can now save only for later or choose to save and email the agreement.

10 February 2020

Version 2.2 of Tenancy Builder is live.

Landlord names 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been replaced with a single “landlord display name” field. This is a single box and can hold anything for the landlord name up to 4 lines.

New option of “signer names” on the last page. This allows a single person to sign on behalf of all landlords or have up to four signers. We believe this is a better way to deal with landlord names and people signing.

Small number of fields have been removed as no longer necessary.

The default settings (where default information can be entered to save typing details which remains constant) has been updated to reflect the change in fields. You should update these new fields.

If you choose a single guarantor, the guarantee agreement is built into the tenancy instead of being a separate document now.

The final agreement will be emailed as an attachment and not a link that expires after 24 hours. The length of time to arrive has been improved but depends on the size of documents that have been uploaded (EPC and/or gas safety).

Otherwise all other improvements are under the hood. The entire “building” process has been re-written from scratch. We have reduced our reliance on third party services by 50% which should mean a lower chance of one of these services failing (which was fairly low anyway).

One of the biggest improvements is to editing. Editing a previous agreement should now be much more stable and reliable.

04 August 2019

Updated with latest version of How to Rent Guide for England.

16 July 2019

Added new option of inserting a break clause. See this article for full details.

Also added a new clause for if there’s a failure to pay monies due on or before commencement. Small change to bringing unsafe items into the property by a tenant and change to tenant notice section reflecting the possibility of a break clause. Finally, small clarification about breakages include common areas in addition to the property.

31 May 2019

Updated ASTs for England with the new How to Rent guide.

26 March 2019

Updated the Assured shorthold tenancy agreements (no deposit and deposit) in preparation for the Tenant Fees Act 2019. Please note this means that some charges previously allowed under the old tenancy (such as charging for a letter after non-payment of rent) are not allowed under this version (such charges will be banned soon anyway). This means if you’re in Wales, or for England, until the legislation commences and want to charge fees, please see this article.

The main changes include:

  • Removal of any references to third-party contracts
  • Changed the interest rate on unpaid rent
  • Removed reasonable charging for letters or visits after non-payment of rent
  • Altered the kees and locks section to comply with Tenant Fees Act 2019
  • A few other small tweaks to some wording.
10 January 2019

Added new options for gas in respect of allowing a fair use policy. This has been allowed since the change in guidance in respect of the Heat Network Regulations.

Whilst on, we have also added similar fair use terms for water.

There is now a new “Text Box” option under “Rent Type”. This presents a blank box for you to enter whatever you like in respect of how the rent is payable and when. This would only be used for complicated arrangements and the other options would generally be preferred. IMPORTANT: it’s important that somewhere at the end you have a monthly amount which is used beyond the fixed term for example “and payable at the rate of £550.00 per calendar month in advance thereafter”. It is also ESSENTIAL that the words “payable in advance” or similar is used (if the rent is payable in advance).

03 December 2018

We have updated the Tenancy Builder to version 2.1. Although there aren’t any visual changes that you will notice, we have made significant improvements to the back-end system of how it “builds” an agreement. We have reduced the number of steps required by around 20% and also changed around how the conversion operates. We expect this to equate to an approximate 10 to 20% time saving on how long it takes an agreement to be built.

Although less than half of 1% might fail during being built, this very small number that did seemed to be when an EPC or gas safety was uploaded for automatic insertion. It is that part of the build which we have focused on and hopefully reduced the likelihood of any errors occurring during the build but only time will tell for sure. In an attempt to eliminate all failures, we have reduced the maximum allowed file size to 5mb. The best way to ensure it works properly is to upload an A4 sized PDF version of each document.

We have also removed the January edition of the How to Rent Guide (England only) leaving only the current July 2018 version being published with an AST.

As always, if you experience any difficulties, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

14 September 2018

Added link under ‘tenancy type’ to a new ‘Tenancy Wizard‘ which will determine which tenancy you should use if you’re unsure.

10 August 2018

Made signature page slightly clearer where an agent is signing on behalf of a landlord.

There was a reported problem of the deposit field not showing decimal places (and producing an error), this appears to be resolved despite the field going red, it appears to save and works in our testing. That being said, we’ve made some small changes today which should help further. If not, we can change the field to text but that would mean possibly losing all data in the field so saved agreements would need re-editing. We will, therefore, leave that as a last resort. If you experience a problem with decimal places (or anything else) please get in touch.

8 August 2018

Added a further two names to landlord making the total number of landlord names available in the builder four.

Added option to include a logo on the main front page of the agreement. Full details on adding a logo available here.

Finally, we have hopefully made the back signature page clearer that it is the signature for the tenancy agreement and attached documents.

6 August 2018

Added assured tenancy to the builder. Warning! Only use this agreement if you know what you are doing! If in doubt, contact us.

24 July 2018

Student 3 x rental payments are now optionally 4 x payments during the term (selection still says 3 x for the moment)

Also small change to council tax clause.

24 July 2018

Added January 2018 version of How to Rent Guide in addition to the currently published version.

9 July 2018

Added July version of How to Rent Guide

26 June 2018

Added June version of How to Rent Guide

30 May 2018

Updated with new DPS scheme rules

18 May 2018

Our lodger agreement is now integrated into the Builder and updated with GDPR info

16 May 2018

Our contractual tenancy agreement has been updated for GDPR and is now part of the Builder

10 May 2018

Assured shorthold tenancy agreements updated for GDPR

18 April 2018

New TDS leaflet for prescribed information added. Important for landlords or agents using that scheme

4 April 2018

Now allows up to 8 tenants to be shown

28 March 2018

DPS Custodial terms and conditions have been updated and added to the Builder

1 March 2018

Dates now formatting correctly and extensively tested. Please report any problems if you get any (but should be okay now). Also, @signablehq integration is complete so can now be uploaded and signature fields automatically generated.

25 February 2018

Added new rent in advance and student letting rent options

22 February 2018

Will now automatically resize and greyscale your uploaded gas safety record for insertion into the tenancy agreement