How to Add a Logo to the Builder

You can now add a logo to the front page of a tenancy agreement in the Tenancy Builder.

logo added to tenancy builder

A Few Points to Note:

  • the logo will be reduced to 400px so may not always look as intended. Adjustments to your logo may be required as it’s quite limited what we can do with the insertion to ensure the page stays looking acceptable. Any problems, please contact us.
  • a publicly accessible URL will be required to insert the logo
  • the logo will only be displayed on the assured shorthold, contractual and assured tenancy agreements. Other agreements (such as lodger and guarantee) won’t display.

How to Add the Logo

The first thing is to ensure you have a publicly accessible URL of the logo. If you have one on your website you could use that by right-clicking over the logo and copy the ‘Image address’. Beware though as website images are usually small for speed of loading, it may look blurred when inserted into the agreement.

The URL you will need will look something like

You may be able to use a share link from a web app such as DropBox or Google Drive for example although we haven’t tested this.

We use Dropshare which allows an image to be uploaded and a URL is copied to clipboard (although we use our own server for storing images so we don’t need to pay for the cloud service).

If you struggle to find a host for the image, we may be able to host this for you and provide a suitable URL for a small monthly fee (around £1.99 per month) although this isn’t a service we’ve setup as yet but will consider it if there’s demand.

Once you’ve got a URL, adding it to the Builder is easy.

First, go to setup default information and at the bottom you will find a field for inserting the logo URL.

insert url for logo

After clicking update, the URL will be saved and next time you go to create a tenancy, simply insert default information by using the dropdown box on the first page.

insert url for logo

Your logo will be added automatically and when you get the tenancy agreement via email, your logo should be displayed top centre of the front information page.

You can also add the logo on an individual tenancy basis by inserting the URL on the very last page before clicking save and send email link.