Remote Signing in Tenancy Builder

The Tenancy Builder includes remote signing capabilities built right in.

To use remote signing, see the video below and follow these instructions:

  • Create a new agreement or edit an existing one exactly the same as before. Ensure the option for “draft” is set to no and “will you upload to signable” is also “No”.
  • Once you’ve received the email confirming the agreement has been built, go to “Remote Signing” from the Builder main page and click on the new “E-signing” link then “prepare and send”.

  • All fields will generally have been auto-filled depending on what was entered in the Builder but if any are missing, fill them in. It’s important to ensure all emails are unique for each signing party and every box is filled in.

screenshot remote signing

  • After submitting, the first party will receive an email requesting to sign. The first party will always be the guarantor (if one) otherwise the first named tenant.
  • As one party signs, our system will automatically send the agreement to the next party for signature and so on. The landlord will be the last person to sign.
  • Once all parties have signed, the agreement will be available for download and will have an audit trail attached to the bottom.

Watch the video on how to use remote signing