Where to Find Saved Agreement

To find a previous agreement that you saved for later or, have already received as a PDF, simply go to the Tenancy Builder and click on “Edit/Delete Previous Entries” which is the middle button on the Builder main home page.

Tenancy builder edit/delete previous entries

Once there, you will see a list of all previously added tenancy agreements. Click on edit it edit or delete to delete.

Please note: when you click update at the end of editing, the current tenancy agreement and attachments are sent to your email and NOT the tenancy/attachments as they were at the time of first creation. When you update by editing, it’s essentially sending the agreement for new creation just without having to enter all the information again.

Helpful hint: when editing, you don’t need to go through each page by clicking next, next … Instead, you can click on the numbers 1 – 7 at the top and that will jump straight to the corresponding page within the Builder.