We are pleased to report one of our most popular services, – “ask a question” – is now available again with a few modifications.

On the previous website, we used a whole separate wordpress installation just to run the questions. This had the advanatge of looking really good and special sorting options were available but a massive downside was the inability to easily search the main website and the questions site together. Often therefore during a search, an answered question wouldn’t be found.

We’ve been working very hard therefore to fix this problem and have a way for members to ask questions on this main website. This has been done now so any question asked goes under a special category and most importantly it becomes an article like any other on this main website so searching should produce some good results.

You can also browse through other members questions at your leisure and we have managed to import most of the data from the old website.

To ask a question click here. To see questions previously asked see here.



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