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Trespass claim after 28 days

if you find out after 28 days, vajra part 55 Tresoass claim be done? And of not what can be?

Section 21 Notice

On point 4. Does the Landlords name and address have to go here, regardless or not if an agent serves the notice?

Landlord obligation to replace furniture

We have a property that has a sofa which has broken, we used the guild agreement for the tenancy which doesn't ...

Prohibition order

Landlord served with prohibition order under s20 and it’s says that the operative date being 5th Feb 2021 and the ...

mixing ground one with ground 8

this is a notice served in march 13th 2020 (pre covid) grounds 1 and 8, 13 & 14 have been used, the notice ...

new landlord buys property and s21 claim

claim was issued under previous landlord, new buyer becomes new landord during the s21 claim, is that a problem?