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termination of license to occupy

Hi there do you have a template for the above?

Tenancy builder available ‘off-line’

Hi - it's been a while since we had a new tenant and I just wanted to use the 'first 22 steps' process that you ...

Notice Period to Use It or Lose It

S21 SERVED 27/10/2020, does it need to be used within 10 months?

Ending a tenancy

Our tenant wants to move to a ground floor flat as he is too ill to get to his first floor flat.  He is in ...

Possession order

Have a PO with the date 5th May 2015 on it and bailiffs were instructed before covid is it still valid as Bailiggs ...

Photo I.D

I have a tenant that has satisfied the right to rent requirement with birth certificate and benefits letter, ...