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excluded occupiers – lodgers

is the situation as it is in England i.e. reasonable notice? also, what's the news on AST notice periods in Wales?

EPC renewal

If EPC 10 year term expires during a tenancy, does it need to be renewed or only when a new tenancy/tenant occurs?

Section 21 wales

Hi guildy, how much notice is it at the moment in Wales for serving a section 21 notice please?

When to take the bond/deposit.

REF: Bond/Deposit taken at the beginning of the tenancy and returned at the end of the tenancy possibly with ...

signed part on s21 Wales

in 5, can the signatory be an agent in England (not signed top with smart Wales) and signed by them? or does it ...

Water Charges

We have a landlord who supplies water to his tenants through a private water supply.  He currently charges £240 ...