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Transferring deposit between landlords

08/02/2019 8:00 pm I manage a property for a landlord client who has sold the property to another landlord

money claim against an agent

20/12/2018 1:04 pm A claim was issued against a rogue agent who has put in a defence, one being that the ...

Fixed term of 11.5 months not possible?

12/07/2019 9:20 pm Property available for a fixed term of 10+ months from 4th September 2019, but ...

Inventory (change of joint tenant)

10/12/2018 5:05 pm Hi guildy, I have 2 tenants who have lived at the property for 10 months, one is ...

Tenancy Agreement Renewal

30/11/2018 5:37 pm An AST for one year on a property in Wales is due to end 18th February 2019. There are ...

Relevant person

13/10/2019 12:48 pm Hi guildy, filling out an AST, the tenant moving in has applied to Caerphilly council ...