Betty TV are looking for young letting agents for a new prime time doc series for BBC3. They’re developing a documentary series on Britain’s youngest letting agents. The series aims to follow these young entrepreneurs as they go about their daily business and feature the difficulties and issues that they face in a volatile property market.

Martin from Betty TV says:

I’m putting together a new programme for BBC3 about young entrepreneurs who deal with or own property in the lettings market.

Ideally what I’m looking for is this young ultra-high achieving under 30 year old(s) who’s dealing with high end property on a daily basis.
Essentially they’d be proud of who they work for and what they do for a living. A bit of a story about how they got into it and what drives them to succeed – a snapshot of their life if you will…

We’re also looking for those with their own letting agency who are under 30. If you are one of Britain’s youngest letting agents and interested in being involved please e-mail

More information about Betty TV can be found on their website