not able to get in to form ordering area ,seems my membership expired please adjust membership as i beleive my membership is renewed till 2012 not 2011 thank you .

Agent required – Leamington Spa

I have 2 bedroom property to let in Leamington Spa, and I am unable to manage this myself due to working in another part of the country, is there a Guild of landlords member who is in the area I could contact to take this on for me

Rent Increase

The last time rent was put up for this tenancy to £500 was on 3rd March 2008. Those tenants moved out and new tenants took over the tenancy on 1st October 2010 paying £550. Can we send a section 13 to increase the rent as of 1st November 2011 to £650? On the section...

Rent Statements

What is the correct format for a rent statement. Our tenancy agrrements are per week as we deal with housing benefit?


We have a few properties that will run out of their fixed rate this year. This is a wld shot is there any way to to take out some form of ‘loan ‘ covering all the properties that would give a more favourable rate than taking out individual mortgages. In...

Selling a Property with Tenants

Hi, We’re currently selling a property with students in possession until June 30th 2011. Do we need to do anything with regards to signing over the tenancy to the new owner/landlord, or is this something they have to do? We have asked the new owner for their DPS...