Cardiff Council have approved plans to introduce additional licensing for rented properties.

Under new plans, passed by the Council’s executive, landlords in an area of Cathays ward will need to register for an additional licence if they have three or more tenants in a property.

View Cathays ward additional licencing in a larger map

Councillor Simon Pickard, Cathays, who has led the campaign for additional licensing in the ward was pleased with the decision. He said:

“This should improve standards for all tenants across Cathays as well as make landlords more responsible.

“I hope this scheme will treat all landlords equally and allow the better landlords to get an improved market for their properties.”

Landlords have to apply for an additional licence, which will include an inspection, for every property that they have at the cost of £500 per property.

Douglas Haig, chair of Cardiff Landlords Forum, was not impressed with the decision. He said:

“It’s very disappointing. It looks as though all the good landlords are going to have to stump up again, while the bad landlords will get off the hook.

“This is yet more beaucracy that increases the barrier to entry to becoming a landlord and puts people off.

“It’s likely that many landlords will choose to raise rents based on these extra costs.”

The council’s plans include a £100 discount if a landlord is accredited.

The area affected contains many student properties and Cardiff Students’ Union say their biggest issue is with housing.

Ed Dolding, welfare, campaigns and communications officer, said:

“The problems surrounding substandard private sector accommodation are the single biggest issue faced by students in Cardiff within at least the last decade.

“Additional licensing however, if fully resourced and enforced, would force all landlords to bring their properties up to the minimum standard students’ deserve.”

Dolding revealed that of the many thousands of cases dealt with the Union’s advice centre deals with some 45 per cent, are housing related.

The Council are proposing additional licensing will be self-financing and it will start from 1st July 2010.

The full report is available here