Merry Christmas

We would firstly like to wish all our members and colleagues a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. A Christmas e-card for you is here.

Opening times

We are going to try and take a couple of extra days over Christmas as we’ve been rather manic throughout the year. Therefore, we will be closed from and including 23 December 2013 and re-opening on 3 January 2014.


** Update ** – There are no more diaries left (they all went within hours!) But, you can still contact us and we will add you to next years list.

As many of our longer customers know, previously, each year we provided diaries. However, lately we’ve found people don’t really appreciate them anymore with modern advances in mobile phones (we even had some returned in previous years).

Therefore, we now only provide them when asked and have created a list of people who actually genuinely want one and will use it.

This year we’ve still got a small handful of 2014 diaries left over (about 15 – 20) so if you would like one free of charge, please contact us and put diary request in the subject line along with your subscriber number. You need to be an annual subscriber to be entitled to a free diary.

Merry Christmas – again

Once again, merry Christmas and don’t forget your e-card.