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Can I serve a new S.21 before current one ends?  

By 1353, 4 hours ago

Landlord Wants Tenant to Leave
  I served a S.21 on 29/11/2018 and am aware that the six months is fast approaching.  I am working with the local council to re-house tenant but properties suitable for him are few and far between.  Is...
Properties transferred out of limited company to director  

By npdl, 2 days ago

During a Tenancy
  4 properties are being transferred out of a limited company to one of the directors. The limited company will continue to manage the properties and collect the rent on behalf of the director. Rent Sma...
Claim for possession of my property from tenant, my day in Court.  

By TraRo, 3 days ago

During a Tenancy
  Good Evening, first time in 32 years as Landlord heading to County Court for a possession and arrears. Used the PCOL and it auto filled the N5 and N119.  My agent in this case is also the agent for a ...
Pets and smoking  

By Harlynbird, 4 days ago

Tenancy Builder
  I am about to embark on building the agreement for my tenant with Tenancy Builder. Will the agreement state No Pets and No Smoking?
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