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Section 21 and Section 8  

By maxstrelling, 1 day ago

Landlord Wants Tenant to Leave
  We have recently served a section 21 on a tenant however they will shortly go 2 months into arrears . Can we serve a section 8 in addition as this will expire before the Section 21 . Subject of course...
deposit issue  

By eden2011, 1 day ago

Landlord Wants Tenant to Leave
  Tennat moved in 17th august and deposit was protected 29th Sept, which is indeed over 30 days, the reason for this was because the tenant didn't actually pay the full balance until the 29th august so ...

By maxstrelling, 3 days ago

Deposits and Tenancy Deposit Schemes
  Hi Tenants have just moved into a property and we have taken the rent and deposit as usual . We have used the tenancy agreement relating to DPS scheme however the landlord is going to put it with the ...
Rent arrears joint tenants  

By eden2011, 3 days ago

Landlord Wants Tenant to Leave
  2 people in agreement, if one left and there were rent arrears prior to leaving, are they still liable for that arrears if it’s in either periodic or fixed, ?
license to occupy  

By eden2011, 6 days ago

Landlord Wants Tenant to Leave
  Does a license to occupy (which clearly states that occupiers are not protected under 1988 act etc..) is this simply a sham?  its basically a shared house with no LL at the property, surely they shoul...
Company as a guarantor  

By maxstrelling, 6 days ago

Finding Information
  Hi I have a tenant who has completed referencing which has come back accept with guarantor . The company she works for has offered to act as a guarantor  ( it is a limited company ) The Rentshield say...
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