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What Notices are required to terminate? is it an AST?  

By Talbots, 3 hours ago

Ending a Tenancy
  Our Clients purchased a property in Greece in 2003 and emigrated. Our Clients purchased a property in the UK in 2005  so that they had a property in the UK in the event that they returned. The clients...
Capital Gains tax on mixed properties  

By btanswell, 5 days ago

  We are selling some shops with flats above and need advice on which rate of Capital Gains tax should be paid. Most were bought as Commercial properties  and were converted to mixed shops and flats at ...
Unpaid utility bills  

By Mul8erry, 7 days ago

  Hi,  A tenant is moving out soon and has not paid the utility bills for the last 3 months. The tenancy agreement makes it clear that the tenant is responsible for paying these bills. She is ignoring e...
Renewing 6month AST  

By indyhothi, 7 days ago

What to Do if the Tenancy Is to Continue
  A 6month fixed term AST produced using tenancy builder has come to an end. The tenants are keen to sign another 12 month tenancy.   Could you please outline the steps required to undertake this? As I ...

By steve1, 1 week ago

Tenant References
  HI, 1   ) Is it legal to request a tenant to provide their own references? 2) If so can I state what references are required and from a certain company or companies? Thanks Steve
Ast not received  

By 1476, 1 week ago

Tenancy Agreements
  Hello I have tried twice and the "No Deposit" Ast (blank version) has not been received via the email link. I received one ok yesterday but that was an AST with a deposit.
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