High Court Enforcement Officers

If you have obtained permission to transfer to the High Court at the time of applying for possession and still wish to transfer and use the High Court Enforcement Officer, please continue to follow that guidance.

If you haven’t obtained permission yet, due to recent cuts, some County Court bailiffs have long delays. You should contact your local county court, ask to speak to the bailiff and ask for a rough guide as to how quickly they can enforce a possession order. If they reply with an estimate longer than around 6 weeks, you might wish to consider applying to seek permission to transfer enforcement to the High Court. (Anything less than 6 – 8 weeks probably isn’t worth the hassle). Using a HCEO can be expensive – easily £600 – £900 (compared with the County Court bailiff which costs £110.00 at the time of writing).

Please follow this article if you wish to use High Court Enforcement Officers and ignore the remainder of this page. Otherwise, see below for completing the form for the County Court bailiff which in most cases is the recommended option.

Possession Claim Online (PCOL)

If you used the Possession Claim Online system after a section 8 was served on rent arrears grounds only and have obtained judgment, the below form is available by logging back into the PCOL system where you will see an option to request a Warrant of Possession of Land. There will be parts to complete for which you can still follow the guidance below for that purpose.

How to complete form N325, Request for Warrant of Possession of Land


After you have obtained a possession order, the court will have given the tenant a date to leave by. If the tenant fails to leave on or before this date, a landlord must apply for the bailiff to attend and remove the tenants.

This page deals with completing the appropriate form. The same form applies whether possession was sought after service of a section 8 or 21 notice. However, if a section 8 notice was served, the amount to put in the form will normally be higher because in most cases an award for rent arrears will have also been provided.

In reality though, the bailiff is unlikely to do anything about the arrears, they are simply going to obtain possession.

The Form

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