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Assuming all checks OK, arrange to meet all tenants and guarantor at one time on the day the tenancy is intended to commence. (This is not always possible in particular with students but does make it much easier).

Tenancy Builder

We use a unique Tenancy Builder system which will produce a tenancy based on the options chosen. In the vast majority of cases, an assured shorthold tenancy will be what’s needed but not every case. The builder only supports assured shorthold currently but the contractual tenancy can be downloaded separately.

You will be able to select various deposit options and the appropriate scheme rules/leaflets will be included in the produced tenancy agreement:

Complete the agreement and attached documents

Complete the builder fields as shown below in the examples but leave out the commencement date and date of agreement if you are not meeting all persons on the same day. You can create a “draft” in the first instance for sending to all parties and this will leave out all dates. The date of the agreement should only be completed when all persons have signed.

We recommend a 6 month fixed term tenancy for all except students. Students will be for a full term or 12 months depending on your local market.

Ensure all documents that will be needed on the day of signing are available and FULLY completed which are:

  • Energy performance certificate (should have been provided at the viewing but at latest upon signing the tenancy)
  • Gas safety record (only required if gas appliances or flues)
  • Information leaflet for the control of legionella
  • If a deposit is taken, the prescribed information relating to the deposit.
  • “How to rent guide” (required for England only – built into our tenancy agreements).
  • Smoke and CO alarm test certificate (required only for England but can be used in Wales as long as alarms are tested as described).
  • Confirmation Of Documents Supplied In Connection With A Tenancy (this is built into our tenancy builder but should be used if you don’t use our agreements).

Any tenancy granted on or after 1 October 2015 in England where any one of the above documents has not been provided at the time of signing (or before) could have serious problems gaining possession of the property later.

When completing the tenancy, pay particular attention to the start and end dates. Where the rent is to be paid ... Please login or signup to continue reading this content

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