The Conservatives have announced proposed changes to the Local Housing Allowance aimed at increasing the supply of housing and helping the most vulnerable tenants.

Grant Shapps, the Shadow Housing Minister, explained that under a Conservative government tenants will be able to choose to have their housing allowance paid direct to landlords instead of themselves.
He said that the current system has failed both tenants and landlords and has led to a severe restriction in housing supply for affordable rent, with some landlords routinely including the words “NO HB” in their adverts.

Grant reasoned that our proposal will destigmatise the system and increase the amount of affordable homes available, and he added:

“The current situation is bad for everyone, and I can see no reason why people on Local Housing Allowance shouldn’t enjoy the freedom to have their Housing Benefit paid direct to their landlord.”

Shadow Work and Pensions Minister, Andrew Selous added:

“We believe that tenants should have the choice of where their rent money is paid to, especially if it makes the difference between a property being available to them or not.  The government are blind to the problems that low income tenants are facing and should restore this choice to tenants now”.

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