The Conservative Party have won a majority government after the general election 2015.

The proposed policies of the labour party to introduce longer term tenancies and rent controls have been rejected by the British public. The labour party also pledged to remove the requirement of tenants to pay letting agent fees but that too has not gained the required support. Ed Miliband has resigned as Labour leader.

Property Industry Eye has reported that estate agency shares increased this morning with Savilles leading the way followed by Foxtons, Rightmove and Countrywide.

The Liberal Democrats are in single figure seats and their former leader Nick Clegg has resigned. Despite UKIP now being the third largest party in respect of numbers of votes received, they have only ended up with 1 seat and their former leader Nigal Farage has quit.

Many big names have lost their seats in this 2015 election. Ed Balls was the shadow chancellor and his seat was lost to Conservative Andrea Jenkyns after a recount.

Amongst the other big names to loose their seats were Vince Cable of the Liberal Democrats, Danny Alexander, Lib Dem, Natalie Bennet, leader of the Green Party and George Galloway of the Respect Party.

The SNP swept across Scotland which seems to be the only prediction of pre-ballot polls that were accurate.

After winning his Witney seat, David cameron said

This is clearly a very strong night for the Conservative party,

David Cameron has gone back to London and back to Downing Street.

According to reports, analysts are suggesting that the election results so far are good for housing and confidence should be restored among house buyers.