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Mains Installation Testing

Where the property being let is a house in multiple occupation (HMO), it is a legal requirement to have the mains electrics tested at least every five years. This applies whether the HMO requires a licence or not. Where the property is not a HMO, there is no legal requirement to have an electrical mains check but it is strongly advised that such a check is nevertheless carried out. This is because all electrics supplied at the property must be “safe” at the time of granting the tenancy. Having a five yearly test will go a long way towards proving they were “safe”.

PAT Testing

There is no legal requirement to carry out Portable Appliance Testing but all electrical appliances must be supplied “safe” at the beginning of the tenancy. The best way to achieve this is to have regular PAT testing carried out.

Visual Inspection

At the very least, before a new tenancy is granted, the electrics should be visually inspected and all appliances being supplied should be checked that they have appropriate plugs and fuses installed. ConfirmationĀ of the inspection should be put inĀ the inventory.

More Information

Please see our more detailed series about electrical safety here.


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