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Check out the new websites that we will be moving to soon - [England]( or [Wales](
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England Landlord Guidance

Changing the Rent

You are in During the Tenancy

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How To Increase The Rent

There are three ways to increase the rent for an assured shorthold tenancy: clause in the tenancy agreement or agreement with the tenant or by notice under section 13 of the Housing Act 1988. At the bottom of this article is detailed information for completing a section 13 form.

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Rent Increase Form (England) – Section 13 Notice

Rent Increase Form (England) – Section 13 Notice

Product Code: F024 - ENGLAND ONLY **NEW** This form is now available in the Builder part of the website. Click ...
Garage Rent Increase Template

Garage Rent Increase Template

Product code: F112 A Word template as a suggested template for when increasing the rent on a garage. You ...
Rent Schedule Sheet (Rent Card)

Rent Schedule Sheet (Rent Card)

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Notice of Increase of Rent Under Regulated Tenancy

Notice of Increase of Rent Under Regulated Tenancy


Questions and Answers (for this topic and country)

Rent increase clause in Tenancy agreement

We have a landlord who insists on giving a new tenant a 3 year tenancy agreement despite our recommendation not to do so. However they are the client & we will follow their instruction but ...

How to raise the rent

I have a 4 bed house in Bournemouth let on your 6 month AST in Feb 2017. I know the family and discounted the rent for market level of £1,550 to £1,320 and they are very good tenants indeed. I ...

Rent increase on a periodic tenancy

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rent increase after s21 and issue of proceedings

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Landlord is a registered Charity

We have a landlord that is a registered Charity and although it  houses local people at slightly reduced rents and  is a large part of what it does it isnt solely just housing and it supports ...

Rent increase

How do I inform tenant proposed increase in rent (more…)

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