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Check out the new websites that we will be moving to soon - [England]( or [Wales](
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England Landlord Guidance

Contractual or Common Law Tenancies

You are in Ending a Tenancy

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Resident Landlord

Resident landlords are excluded from being able to grant an assured shorthold tenancy and there are two types of ...

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Resident landlord forced out by violent lodger

I'm assisting a landlord who had been letting the spare room in the flat she owns and lives in to a lodger.  Recently, as in the past 2 - 3 months, the lodger became violent by pushing and ...

Death of tenant

Have a situation where the landlord (it’s a company let to a company name) the actual tenant who was in the property is a director of that company that tenant has died and the Conpany is ...

Common law tenancy procedure

Can accelerated procedure be used for a common law residential tenancy ? If not how would one proceed?

resident landlord

LL gave an AST to tenant, the LL lives in flat 2 and the tenants in flat 1, there are 3 flats in a converted house all owned by the LL and not purpsoe built, is this an NTQ and is it straight 28 ...

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