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Immigration Act and Right to Rent

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Right to rent

Trying to reference a prospective tenant. He didn't mention he was married until after we took the deposit and his husband is now mentioned in some parts of the form but not others. The husband

HMO rooms for students on a 3-month work placement

We have two Chinese students, studying at a British university, who want rooms in an HMO of ours for a 3-month work placement, with the rent apparently being paid by the university. (more…)

Right to Rent

Hi, What are the rules around Right to Rent? Our prospective tenant is moving in to the house and I don't think is being straight with me about who will live there. Thanks.

right to rent checks on students

We house over 100 students in all types of properties from 27 bedrooms to 2 bed flats and all sizes in between (more…)

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