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Sub-letting/Assigning Tenancies

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Trespasser Possession Procedure

Introduction Before using this procedure, you should check by reading the other parts of this section that the ...

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subletting issue

Tenancy taken out oct 2016 and AST contract ended oct 2107, in May 2017 head tenant sublet without permission, head tenant left in May 2017. Now because the head tenancy has ended (i.e. fixed ...

Sub Letting

Hello Adrian, I have been approached by a landlord who has agreed that their existing tenant can sublet. I am not experienced in this market all and would like to know the answer to a couple of ...

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement para 71 Subletting

Subletting and Assignment. I have a student property with 5 tenants one wishes to leave and has found a replacement under para 71 if I agree can this take place with out a new tenancy agreement ...

Ending lease with agent

36 month lease ended last June between LL and estate agent who has sublet with permission. LL wishes to end contract with agent and there is clause in contract saying that 2 months notice is ...

company let to a company with permitted occupants

The head tenant wants to evict the sub tenants for non payment of rent. Can the head tenant firstly end their tenancy with the landlord as both parties agree, or does the tenancy need to be ended

Prospective Tenant wants to take guests through Airbnb

in a one bedroom flat he would like to rent as his only or principal home. He plans to say at his girlfriend’s place when he has guests. I have personally no objections. Do I use a normal AST?

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