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Sub-letting/Assigning Tenancies

You are in Start of a Tenancy
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Trespasser Possession Procedure

Introduction Before using this procedure, you should check by reading the other parts of this section that the ...

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evicting sub tenants

situation - tenant has sublet, i am serving S8 rent arrears on him, he has sublet 2 rooms to one family and the other to an individual. (more…)

Sub Letting / Visiting Family

We have a property that is 3 weeks into its AST. It has become apparent that there are 7 adults staying at the property that was only let to two. (more…)

sub letting question

Original tenant has sublet and left the property and is taking rent from the the sub-tenant and not paying the landlord. The sub tenants are paying rent to the tenant and were duped and are now ...

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