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1.3.9 Agent Fees

All letting and managing agents must display their fees at each of the agent’s premises where the agent deals face-to-face with landlords or tenants. The list must be in a position where the it’s likely to be seen.

The list of fees must also be displayed on any website if the agent has one.

The list must describe each fee so that the service and cost can be easily understood and must include all the fees, charges or penalties (however expressed) payable to the agent by a landlord or tenant.

Where the agent holds money on behalf of clients such as a managing agent who collects rent on behalf of landlords, the list of fees must also include a statement as to whether the agent is a member of a client money protection scheme.

If the agent is required to be a member of a redress scheme (currently England only), the list of fees must also indicate that the agent is a member of such a scheme and the name of the scheme.