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3.17 Processing Claims

In order to make a claim, tenants will have to provide proof

  • their income, and any savings
  • their identity and sometimes details of their immigration status in the UK
  • the rent to be paid (usually a written tenancy agreement is sufficient) and
  • the name and address of the landlord/agent.

Local authorities should process housing benefit claims within 14 days from receipt of all the appropriate documentation they have requested. They cannot pay a claim until they have all the information they need.

Regrettably, some local authorities often fall short of the 14-day target, which can cause hardship and problems for both tenants and landlords. Sometimes delays occur if a tenant does not fully understand what is required. Some landlords are willing to help tenants with their applications, whilst others might form a view about a tenant’s suitability if they are applying for housing benefit.

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