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After an assessment has been carried out by a green deal assessor, details of available green deal providers will be given to the consumer. These providers will ultimately arrange for the installation of the improvements recommended by the assessor.

The costs of the improvements that the green deal providers will install will be financed by The Green Deal Finance Company (TGDFC). TGDFC is a not for profit company whose main job is to ensure that the underlying cost of finance is as low as possible. It is the intention that they will also be the source of finance for local authority green deal initiatives and allow them to access investment grade finance.

In addition to supplying the funding, TGDFC will also be responsible for implementing a common IT system across the industry for the calculation, monitoring and amortisation of individual loans as well as administering all loans issued.

Before a green deal plan takes effect, there is a 14 day cooling off period [6].

  • [6] Section 5(4) Energy Act 2011  ↩

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