Consent to Allow a Temporary Guest to Stay With Your Tenant


England and Wales



Product Code LT054

Sometimes tenants wish to have a friend or guest over for more than a night or so but all the same on a temporary basis and they don’t wish the guest to be a tenant.

This template letter gives consent to allow a guest but under strict conditions to ensure no tenancy is implied or granted to the guest inadvertently. It allows for if the guest wishes to become a tenant (if their stay turns more permanent) that the guest may contact the landlord to instigate the usual procedure for granting a tenancy.

The template is in Rich Text Format so will work with most word processors including Word. The template can be modified to suit your own needs.

Important: For the avoidance of doubt, this template will do nothing more than offer evidence as to the intentions of the parties. If you do some other action, or allow a guest to remain for more than a temporary period, it may be that you will impliedly grant a tenancy to the guest without even realising. This will be a matter for the courts ultimately but this letter alone will not necessarily be absolute evidence.

We always like names to match so whenever possible, it is always best to ensure that any person who is to be a tenant is named as such on the tenancy agreement (for example children don’t normally need naming but all other person would normally need naming on the agreement).

Having people living in your property who are not named as tenants is dangerous and could cause serious problems if possession was ever required by you.