Document Checklist Confirmation


England and Wales



Product code: F031

For any tenancy granted on or after 1 October 2015 in England it will not be possible to serve a section 21 if a number of documents have not been given to the tenant which includes EPC, gas safety record, how to rent guide and as previously tenancy deposit prescribed information. As a result it is going to be essential for any landlord or agent to show that these documents were provided when the tenancy began.

This simple form allows a landlord to insert details of documents provided (some are pre-populated but can be deleted) and the tenant is asked to sign as confirmation they have received all the documents listed. How the document was supplied and number of pages for each document is also shown.

This document is already included in all our assured shorthold tenancies (from 1 October 2015) and so does not need downloading unless you are using a different tenancy agreement.


### Current version F031 10/15

10/15 – inserted optional tenancy address field.

### Previous versions

09/15 – first added