Inform Tenant of Works or Repairs Required After Inspection


England and Wales



Product Code LT061

Often landlords and letting agents carry out routine inspections on their properties. After such an inspection, the tenant may require notification that works are required perhaps after damage. Or alternatively, works that are the landlords responsibility may have been found.

This template is to write to inform the tenant of the following after a routine inspection has taken place:

* That works were found to be caused by tenant (e.g. door damaged by being kicked) and should be made good within specified time and/or

* That works were found to be the landlords responsibility (e.g. leak in roof) and contractor will be calling on … at …

The routine inspection report (product code LT060) can be optionally attached to this letter.

This template is in rich text format so will work on all word processors including Word and can be modified to your own liking.