Intention to Act Upon Section 21 Notice Previously Served


England and Wales



Product Code: LT044

When a section 21 notice has been served lasts forever as long ast it hasn’t been withdrawn by the landlord. As a result, once expired, a section 21 notice may be acted upon any time even years after service by seeking a possession order through the courts (normally by using the accelerated possession procedure).

However, if a landlord wishes to act upon a notice served a considerable length of time previously, it may be advisable to provide a letter before action to the tenant which may be necessary under the Civil Procedure Rules Pre Action Conduct for all claims.

This letter template provides the tenant with 14 days warning that the section 21 notice previously served is to be acted upon by the landlord, giving the tenant an opportunity to avoid court fees.

This letter is not necessary if a section 21 has recently expired because the service of the section 21 notice itself is implication that court proceedings will follow (it is submitted). It’s only after some time when the tenant may not realise a landlord intends to act that this letter will prove to be useful.

Please see the article: How long does Section 21 notice last? for more information.

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