Letter to DPS After Single Claim Application Refused – Court Order


England and Wales



Product Code LT099

With the custodial tenancy deposit scheme run by the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) it is sometimes necessary to use the single claim procedure in order to have the deposit repaid. The single claim procedure may be being used after the landlord has obtained a possession order or some other order from a court which could include rent arrears for example.

If you enclose with the single claim application and statutory declaration, a copy of the court order, it can sometimes cause confusion with the scheme as they may refuse to pay on the basis that the order does not contain certain information such as the name of the deposit scheme. However, this wouldn’t necessarily be correct and this article which explains court orders and tenancy deposit schemes should first be consulted to see if the order needs to contain the information sought.

If after having read that article the information and the claim for the deposit is not being made under paragraph 4(4) schedule 10, Housing Act 2004, this is a template letter to the scheme explaining why you don’t think the order needs the information and that payment should be made.

The template is in rich text format so will work on all word processors including Microsoft Word. It can be amended as you see fit.