Notice Asking Tenant If Agrees With Landlord Claiming Deposit


England and Wales



Product Code: F049

Under Schedule 10, Paragraph 4A(4)(a) Housing Act 2004 (as amended by The Housing (Tenancy Deposit Schemes) Order 2007), if a landlord intends to use the single claim procedure of the Deposit Protection Service (custodial scheme) and the landlord has an address for the tenant (which should be on the prescribed information), a notice must first be served on the tenant (or technically ex tenant) stating the amount the landlord intends to claim and the reasons why the landlord is entitled to the deposit.

The landlord must explain whether the amount being claimed represents rent owing, other sums under the tenancy agreement, damage to the premises or loss or damage to property on those premises.

The notice must be sent by special delivery and the envelope marked “to be signed by addressee only”

The tenant must be given 14 days before a single claim is made where a statutory declaration is used.

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