Proposed Guarantor Covering Letter For Signing Guarantee Agreement


England and Wales



Product Code LT127

It is always preferred that a guarantor be present at the same time as the tenant for signing the guarantee agreement. This way you can (a) check the signature is that of the actual guarantor and (b) witnessing the signature is easy because you can just ask the tenant to be the witness.

However, it is not always possible to get the guarantor to the signing because sometimes they live a considerable distance away. In which case, posting or emailing the guarantee agreement (and tenancy agreement) is required.

This covering letter template explains what guarantor and tenancy agreement documents are enclosed and that they must be signed and witnessed and all the instructions necessary to complete the agreement and have it returned to you. The contents can be copied into an email if you are scanning the documents.

This template is in rich text format so will work on all types of computer including Windows or Mac and with all word processors including Word or Pages. You can make any alterations you wish to the template.