Section 48 Notice Landlord Name and Address


England and Wales



Product Code: F013

If you have recently purchased a property and the tenancy has therefore been assigned to you, you may prefer to use our special template which combines a section 3 notification with a section 48 notice.

Section 48 Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 provides that a landlord must “by notice” give the tenant an address in England or Wales where the tenant can serve notices upon the landlord. The penalty for failure is that no rent is payable until it is complied with.

Normally this is achieved by the tenancy agreement but this notice is needed where the tenancy is a verbal tenancy or, if the landlord changes address during the tenancy.

The template is in PDF format and can be completed on screen before printing and sending. If using PDF Pen Pro on Mac or iPad to open the document, you will be able to sign the document on screen too. It could then be emailed but due to the importance of this document we would recommend posting a copy.


### Current version

01/15 – Cosmetic improvements including new logo and modern typography. The form can now be completed on screen before saving.