Surrender of Tenancy Deed


England and Wales



Product code F080

This notice is rarely used and  the notice to quit from tenant is normally more suitable.

Sometimes, landlord and tenant wish to agree to bring a tenancy to an end sooner than normal. Perhaps during the fixed term when normally it cant be ended or, perhaps the tenant wishes to leave without giving any notice and the landlord accepts that. In these cases, the tenancy is surrendered and this document surrenders the tenancy. It is a deed so must be witnessed.

In order for this template to be effective ALL tenants must agree and sign. It might be that the notice to quit from tenant is more suitable than this notice

Note: This document is only suitable when both landlord and tenant absolutely agree the tenancy is to be at an end and should only be completed alongside the returning of keys to the property (so there is no question that the tenancy is at an end)