Either by electronic signature (a popular choice) or, with all tenants and guarantor present, do the following:

Ensure the deposit prescribed information, gas safety record (which must be given “before occupation” where there is a gas appliance) and the energy performance certificate is attached to the tenancy agreement. If the dwelling is in England, the document entitled “How to rent: the checklist for renting in England”, should be attached to the tenancy. (This document is already built into our tenancy agreements from 1 October 2015 so please make sure you downloaded the latest version of our tenancy).

There should be some form of checklist which the tenant is signing confirming receipt of all documents attached to the tenancy. Our Tenancy Builder allows you to upload the gas safety and EPC for automatic insertion. The other documents mentioned are automatically included as is a confirmation checklist.

The documents attached should include all of the following:

  • Gas safety record (where there are gas appliances)
  • Energy performance certificate
  • Tenancy deposit prescribed information (where there is a deposit)
  • Howe to rent guide (only required if dwelling in England)
  • Confirmation that smoke and CO alarms have been checked (not required with our tenancy agreements produced by the Builder) (only required in England but can give if Wales too)
  • Legionella guidance
  • Any other document you choose to add.
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